No, Grimes Did not Make Enjoyable of Elon Musk for Saying Wealthy Ex-Wives Have Destroyed Civilization

Have you ever seen a tweet from Grimes making enjoyable of her former accomplice, Elon Musk, for saying that rich ex-wives are destroying Western civilization? The Grimes tweet is pretend. The musician didn’t really poke enjoyable at Musk over the remark. The Musk tweet, however, is totally actual.

“’Tremendous wealthy ex-wives who hate their former partner’ ought to filed be listed amongst ‘Causes that Western Civilization died,’” the billionaire SpaceX CEO tweeted on Wednesday.

Musk’s very actual tweet was a response to a person on X who was criticizing MacKenzie Scott, the ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, over the sorts of organizations to which she donates her cash. Scott has given away no less than $16 billion since her divorce. However the teams she’s giving to are apparently too woke, on this explicit particular person’s opinion.

A very real tweet from billionaire Elon Musk sent on March 6, 2024.

A really actual tweet from billionaire Elon Musk despatched on March 6, 2024.
Screenshot: X

And that’s when Musk, a billionaire who’s been married 3 times, chimed in to provide his two cents about how rich ex-wives are in some way destroying civilization. Musk didn’t elaborate on how that could possibly be doable, however we digress. All of that is the background essential to know the pretend Grimes tweet that’s presently going viral.

“Is the ex-wife destroying Western Civilization within the room with us proper now?” the snarky pretend tweet from Grimes reads.

Musk is the daddy of no less than two youngsters with Grimes, who is usually used as a foil in photoshopped jokes in regards to the billionaire. However this one isn’t an actual tweet from the musician.

The fake tweet from Grimes (top) over a very real tweet from Elon Musk.

The pretend tweet from Grimes (prime) over a really actual tweet from Elon Musk.
Screenshot: X

Who created this pretend tweet to make IT appear to be IT was despatched by Grimes? That seems to be an X account with the title Entice Queen Fanatic and the deal with @marionumber4. Gizmodo confirmed with the creator they certainly conjured this joke into existence on Wednesday, and IT appears to be taking over a lifetime of its personal, as memes have been recognized to do.

You may even discover the pretend tweet on Bluesky, a competitor to X, the place individuals there additionally believe IT’s actual.

“Higher males have deleted their accounts and retired from the web after burns half as extreme as that,” one Bluesky person mentioned late Wednesday.

And simply in case you didn’t suppose the chain of custody on this pretend tweet wasn’t complicated sufficient, one other pretend screenshot of the Grimes tweet has been created to make IT appear to be a Group Word has been added.

“Whereas she did bear a number of of Elon’s youngsters, Grimes was by no means technically married to Elon. Elon’s solely actual ex-wife is merely kinda wealthy,” the pretend Group Word reads.

Yet another fake tweet purporting to show a Community Note on a Grimes tweet. The Musk tweet is the only thing that’s real in this image.

Yet one more pretend tweet purporting to indicate a Group Word on a Grimes tweet. The Musk tweet is the one factor that’s actual on this picture.
Screenshot: X

And that’s how this stuff unfold. A joke that most individuals inside a small on-line circle absolutely perceive as a joke will break containment, spreading throughout the web and even leaping to different social media websites. After which individuals are left to wonder if IT’s actual or not—be IT Mike Lindell supposedly driving drunk or an lovable croissant within the form of a dinosaur.

Checking the official Grimes X account received’t reply the thriller both, as IT’s not there and anybody who’s requested can solely reply that perhaps she deleted IT. Properly, we’re right here to inform you this one is pretend as a result of we confirmed IT with the creator. However, once more, we will’t stress sufficient that Musk’s weird tweet about ex-wives destroying Western civilization could be very actual. He actually is only a very unusual dude.

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