Medicaid Protection and Reimbursement of Antiobesity Drugs throughout States – Healthcare Economist

Medicaid policies vary from state-to-state. With the arrival of latest, GLP-1 medicines (and others) to deal with weight problems and chubby, there are probably vital Health advantages to be gained. Nevertheless, are State Medicaid Companies truly overlaying these medicines? That is the query requested by Liu et al. (2024). They use information from public state Medicaid formulary and most well-liked drug record recordsdata to find out if a state lined FDA-approved anti-obesity medicines. The variety of reimbursed prescriptions for every antiobesity remedy was recognized from public 2011-2022 Medicaid State Drug Utilization information.

Generally, some however not all anti-obesity medicines are lined. Furthermore, the simpler GLP-1 medicines are usually solely lined if they’re used to deal with diabetes (quite than chubby or weight problems).

Within the first quarter of 2023, 10 of 47 states (21%) with public most well-liked drug lists lined no less than 1 antiobesity remedy; 5 (11%) had unrestricted protection of no less than 1 antiobesity remedy…Individually, 39 states (83%) had unrestricted protection of no less than 1 of the two diabetes variations of GLP-1 RAs.

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