How uncommon is Bombay Blood Group (hh Phenotype)- its Significance & Information

Blood donation is a noble act. Blood Transfusion has saved many lives in numerous life-threatening circumstances and is a necessary a part of Health Care. Not everybody can donate blood. Sure standards should be met for blood transfusion for the security of the affected person and donor’s Health. Blood Group compatibility is a big issue evaluated throughout a blood transfusion.

 The primary blood group varieties we possess are A, B, AB, and O. Aside from these, one uncommon blood group kind known as the Bombay blood group was found by Dr. Y M Bhende.

Technically Bombay Phenotype known as as ‘hh’ kind of blood group. Every blood group has an antigen on the floor of the cell, which helps decide which group IT belongs to. Your blood group is decided by your dad and mom or genes.

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